That what keeps us on an even keel. We understand it going to be harder. Knew the rivalry between the Sens and Habs would escalate as a result of this series, but nobody could have expected it would be at this level after only three games. To us he was Carlos Tevez to the mancs already he is ‘Argentina, Argentina’, ( A band of supporters who have done more to bury the ST George than any politically correct Town hall and pc brigade).WHAT A MONTH WAS MAY 2007Well where do you start chaps, May 13th Old Trafford, Theatre of Dreams where hope dies last and hammers around the world start singing we are staying up to drown out btter manc chants of send them down send them down. Yeah luv it and thats what you pay 5 mill for as you think of Fergie’s comments that West Ham were obscene, comments he made way back when we stopped the mancs lifting the title on the last day May ’92. Nothing to note from Sir Alex this time cos it was a double party with us celebrating the great escape and them the return of what they regard as thier title, arrogant cunts.

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NORTH CAROLINA Hurricane warning for entire coast. Governor and president declared emergency for the state; Eighteen eastern counties under some form of mandatory or voluntaryevacuation. Irene made landfall Saturday morning near Cape Lookout. Don go into a game thinking it 12 minutes for him. It depends. His play around the net is very strong.

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